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Care Tips For Your New Puppy

Please be advised that your new puppy will be stressed when going to it’s new home. it may or may not eat well the first few days, this is somewhat normal. Do keep an eye on your puppy and make sure it is eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. After the first day or two we would like to see the puppy eating well.

Home Care

If you are planning on keeping your new puppy inside you will have to survive house training. Our puppies learn at the age of 5-6 weeks to use the doggy door to go out and go potty. They learn quickly not to potty in their sleep area, some catch on quicker than others. A doggy door is great but if you don’t have one you will have to decide what method of house training you are going to use. A bell by the door is a good way for your dog to let you know when it needs to go out. We suggest crate training over puppy pads. Whatever method you choose you have to be VERY DILIGENT AND CONSISTENT UNTIL YOUR PUPPY CATCHES ON. You will need to start whatever method you choose right away. Remember to take the puppy outside right after it wakes up, right after meal time and anytime you see it exhibiting signs of needing to go potty (sniffing and circling are the most common). Take the puppy out the same door and to the same designated spot outside each time. Always remember to praise or reward it when it gets it right, don’t punish it when it doesn’t get it right.

Your puppy will most likely need to go out during the night as it cannot control its bladder for that long at this age. If you work, it might be best if you have an area where you can leave the puppy while you are gone that is not carpeted and that you can block off easily as opposed to being in the crate all day and then in the crate all night as well. Leave your puppy some toys while you are gone. You will need to keep some food and water out for it if you are gone during the day. Take up the food and water at night a few hours before bedtime and then offer it again in the morning.

Again, we want to stress to our puppy’s new family, not to over do it with your new puppy for the first week or so. Just be sure to allow it to get plenty of rest and sleep.

We hope this information is somewhat helpful and are always available to try to answer any questions. We hope you will enjoy your new puppy and that you will have a long relationship together.

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